Specialty Sheet Metal Manufacturing

Trumatic 120 Rotation
     Compact CNC Sheet Metal Working Machine for
     Punching, Profiling and Forming .187 Capacity







Wisconsin Press Brake
     •Model #HD-12
     •Capacity: 100 Ton

•Wisconsin Forcemaster 
  Press Brake
     •Model #HD-12

•Chicago Steel Press 
     •Model #4510D
     •115 Ton Mid Stroke
     •175 Ton Bolt Stroke

•Niagara IF Series ShearCincinnati 100 Series 
  Hydraulic Shear
     •Model 250 1/4"
     Capacity Mild Steel
     •Serial #46080

•U3435 Super 30/30
     •30 ton capacity and
     full range of hole
     punching capabilities.
     A heavy duty
     workhorse for
     punching heavy-duty

•Strippit Super 30/40
  HD Fabricator
     •A heavy duty work
     horse for punching
     heavy-duty materials.
     With it's 40 ton
     capacity and
     full range of hole
     punching capabilities,
     it can handle the
     needs of almost any
Trumpf TC 120R
     •1000 x 1000/CC220
     •Maximum Punching
     Force 17 Tons
     •Punching & Nibbling

•Dynapak 4xi 40 AMP Air
Cutting System
     •Cuts Metal to 3/8"

•Rocker Arm Spot Welders
     •Model #3030 FP
     •30 KVA Spot Welder
     W/ Foot Pedal:
     230/1-60 30" Arms

•Miller WeldersHole Punching &
  Notching Machine

•Boschert Eagle Hydraulic
  Power Notcher

•Thermal Dynamics
     •PAK Master 50 Plasma
     Cutting System

     •RMS-9 Radial Drilling

     •5' Pyramid Power Roll